This is our story of an exciting venture between two coffee lovers from opposite sides of the world. We start our journey in Pathum Thani, a town in central Thailand, north of Bangkok where we opened Sukie Karn Coffee Shop. 

Sukie Karn Coffee Shop

Sukie Karn Coffee

A warm, cozy, friendly shop combining smooth, rich, fragrant, roasted coffee from the West with the blending techniques of the East to bring you the perfect cup.

Our coffee shop has quickly become a firm favourite amongst coffee lovers craving for something quite different and unique.

Take a look at our video below and enjoy the atmosphere, great looking coffees and mouth watering desserts. 

Tempero Coffee

To continue our journey we are excited to introduce Tempero Coffee.

Tempero Coffee Is our UK based company and supports the local and national British Coffee Industry. Our coffee beans are ethically sourced with the protection of the environment and the rights of workers at the forefront.

Our coffee is unique and roasted in England by a coffee roaster with over 40 years experience in the coffee industry. A Sicilian roaster who exudes passion, experience, knowledge and a deep understanding of flavours, aromas and tasting notes.

Roasting fine coffee since 1958, always using traditional equipment to slowly roast the highest quality coffee beans to achieve distinctive flavoured coffee blends. 
Maintaining traditional techniques and maximising today's technology produces the highest quality coffees for our customers. Our great quality coffee is sourced from farms that focus on either Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certification, ultimately helping to ensure that our customers purchase coffee that supports the rights and well-being of farm workers, the conservation of natural resources and the protection of wildlife and the environment..

Each blend is meticulously manufactured to extract those individual mouth watering flavours and bring together taste & aromas.

Experience notes of dark chocolate, roasted almonds and caramelized sugar with our Signature Blend or for the coffee connoisseurs, why not try our rare and very sought after Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. 

We hope that you join us to continue this journey with Tempero Coffee and we look forward to your custom.