Brewing Basics


There are many ways to brew a good cup of coffee, some of which are quick and easy and some a bit more time consuming.Whichever method you use, there are some simple basic steps you can follow to ensure the brewing experience is fun, easy and more importantly delivers a great tasting cup of coffee at the end of it.

Here are the recommended steps to follow:

1. Always ensure that your equipment is clean, dry and free of residue before use. Any residue can leave a bitter taste to your coffee.

2. Grind your coffee beans immediately before use. Using a freshly prepared grind produces a more flavoursome cup of coffee. Preground stored coffee tend to go stale much faster that whole beans.

3. Use good quality water. Fresh cold tap water is recommended however if your tap water is overly chlorinated then filtered or bottled water will suffice.

4. Use the right amount of coffee. It is a question of preference and also which brewing method you prefer. As a general rule of thumb 7-10g of coffee to 170ml of water is a good ratio to follow.  

5. Don’t use boiling water.  Allow your water to cool a little to 90-96°c. This will prevent you burning the coffee which would result in a bitter taste. 

6. Warm your cup/mug before use. This will maintain the temperature and deliver a better tasting brewed coffee.

Now you know the basics, let’s get going..!

Please refer to our brewing guides above for step by step instructions on how to make the perfect cup of coffee using one of four methods :


Moka Pot



Happy Brewing !