Cafetiére Brewing Guide

The cafetiére is one of the most popular methods of brewing fresh coffee at home. It is quick and simple and delivers a full bodied cup of coffee every time.  For best results use our Signature or Costa Rican blend.

What you need :

Signature / Costa Rica Blend :         16g for 250ml , 30g for 500ml, 60g for 1L

 Cafetiére :                                           250ml, 500ml or 1L      

Dessert spoon

Freshly boiled water :                          850g/ml

Grinder ( if using coffee beans  )

Grind size :                                          medium to course

Brew time :                                          3 minutes

Scales ( optional )

How to brew :

1. Boil your kettle and use some of the water to heat your cafetiére.

2. Weigh the correct amount of coffee beans and grind to a medium course consistency.

3. Empty your cafetiére of water and add the grinds. Add the rest of the boiled water to the grinds and stir.

4. Start your timer for 3 minutes.

5. When the timer finishes, using two spoons push the top layer ( crust ) into the coffee and wait for the grinds to settle. After this, skim the creme from the top of the coffee carefully and discard. 

6. Place the plunger on the cafetiére and push the plunger down slowly.

7. Pour into your favourite cup, inhale that wonderful aroma, sit back and enjoy your Tempero coffee.