Chemex Brewing Guide

A vase ? No, this the the timeless designed hourglass brewer, the Chemex. The Chemex is great for entertaining as it makes a lot of coffee. It looks clean, fresh and gives off a wonderful aroma when brewing. For best results use our Tempero Sicilian blend

What you need :

Tempero Sicilian Blend :                      30g for 500ml 

Chemex :                                             6 - cup     

Dessert spoon

Freshly boiled water :                          500g/ml

Burr Grinder:                                      ( if using coffee beans  )

Grind size :                                          medium course 

Brew time :                                          3 - 3.5 minutes

Scales ( optional )

How to brew :

1. Fold the Chemex filter paper to fashion a cone shape.

2. Boil your kettle. Place the filter paper into the Chemex, double side facing the spout.

3. Pour 500ml of hot water through your filter. This will warm it up and remove the filter paper taste. Pour away the water.

4. Grind you coffee ,and whilst doing this, boil 500ml of water. Put you freshly ground coffee into the filter.

5. Start your timer and add 75ml to the ground coffee and let it bloom for 30 seconds. 

6. In two stages, add the remaining water ( 425ml ) in a spiralling outwards motion, let it rest and draw down a bit between stages.

7. Aim for total draw down between 3 - 3 1/2 minutes.

8. Once the top is empty, discard the filter paper and pour the coffee into a preheated cup.