Moka pot

Moka Pot Brewing Guide

The Moka Pot, or Stove Top, brewing method pushes hot water through the coffee grounds under steam pressure. This is an alternative way of enjoying an espresso like coffee without investing in expensive equipment.
For best results use our Tempero Espresso blend which works well with this brewing style for an intense, full bodied coffee.

What you need :

Tempero Espresso Blend :         12g for a 2 cup brew, 17g for a 4 cup, 25g for a 6 cup brew.

Moka Pot :                                  2-cup, 4-cup, 6-cup     

Freshly boiled water :                 150g/ml, 228g/ml, 370g/ml

Gas / Electric stove

Burr Grinder :                             recommended if using coffee beans 

Grind size :                                  3mm ( fine )

Brew time :                                  3-4 minutes   

How to brew :

1. Separate the 3 parts of the Moka Pot.

2. Fill the base of the pot with warm water keeping the level just below the safety valve.

3. Grind the recommended amount of coffee.

4. Fill the basket with the ground coffee tapping it gently as you fill to settle the coffee grounds. Use your finger to level and sweep any grounds from the basket lip. Do not pack the coffee too densely, as this can cause clogging.

5. Insert the basket into the base of the Moka Pot and screw the top on tightly.

6. Place the pot onto the stove, medium heat if using a gas stove or full speed if using an electric stove.

7. Keep the lid open to keep an eye on progress. As soon as you see the rich coffee pouring out from the top of the funnel and it turns a honey colour remove the pot from the stove and close the lid.

8. Cool the pot immediately by placing it in a sink and pouring water over the pot. This will prevent the coffee above from cooking. Ensure you don’t spill or dilute the coffee. 

9. Pour your coffee into your favourite cup and enjoy.