We launched our coffee shop in Thailand combining decades of fine coffee roasting from the West with the traditional brewing methods of the East.

Our coffee is made using beans from all over the world ranging from Costa Rica to Vietnam.
The first coffee we introduced to Thailand, from England, was our Signature Blend. This proved to be very popular, and a firm favourite with our customers so shortly after we decided to introduce three new blends, namely the Sicilian, Espresso and the Costa Rican blend. All four coffees are distinct in flavour and our best selling beverages in our shop today. 
Our desserts are all freshly made in store, from buttery, crumbly cookies to moist rich chocolate cake. These are all hand made by Karn and meticulously prepared with taste and presentation in mind. Take a look at our video on our “ About Us “ page and enjoy some visual, beautifully crafted desserts and coffees. 

So, this is how Sukie Karn Coffee started...

Here is a little about our own personal experience and get to know where our love for coffee started and how it has evolved...


My first interest in coffee takes me back to my childhood.
I remember my parents would make coffee every morning and brew it the traditional Indian way. The process involved heating a cup of milk in a saucepan until simmering and adding to it, a teaspoon of coffee and sugar to taste. It was then stirred and heated again until just coming to the boil. It was then poured into a cup and served. The smell would fill the room and it would feel warm, cosy and homely. This is one of my favourite memories.

I started to emulate this process, following my parents techniques but I  also used different brands of coffee and experimented with flavours. This was my introduction to brewing coffee. Following this I started drinking different types of coffee from espresso‘s to cappuccino’s and latte’s. 
I trained my palette to differentiate taste, flavour and aroma, how to make a good cup of coffee, which type of coffee best fits with which brewing technique. As my interest and knowledge grew so did my desire to open my own coffee shop.
I loved coffee and how it made me feel when drinking it, the different flavours and aromas when blending coffee, smooth, rich nutty, chocolate and bold. The nostalgia of old coffee adverts on the tv, the childhood memories. This was all personal to me, my own experience I associated with coffee. Could I take people on a similar journey ? I wanted to open a coffee shop which was ethical, different and memorable. This was my vision. 

This vision led to building our prestigious brand, Sukie Karn Coffee /Tempero Coffee, with fellow coffee enthusiast Karn.



Karn is an experienced barista with over 15 years of brewing experience and enjoys experimenting with unique flavours and differing intensities to produce that perfect cup.

As a coffee enthusiast Karn dreamed of one day owning her own coffee shop. She started her journey by enrolling into college onto a coffee brewing course. She gained knowledge on different types of beans, flavours and tastes, brewing techniques, recipes and more intricate detail like how different altitudes, soil fertility and temperatures affect the quality of the bean as well as flavour.
The importance of knowledge and understanding coffee was at the forefront of chasing her dream. After graduating Karn started developing her own recipes and blending techniques whilst still following the key principles...

Karn continued to develop her coffee brewing skills and enhanced her knowledge by working on coffee farms and working with local coffee farmers. She quoted “ Its an immersive experience. You need to see it, feel it and breathe it to really appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into coffee making. I want to sell coffee that is ethically sourced and protects the environment as well as the workers that harvest it “

Ten years on and its this experience combined with her knowledge and her overriding passion that led to opening this joint venture, Sukie Karn Coffee/Tempero Coffee.

” Passion and desire leads, knowledge and experience succeeds “